A Winter Nature “Tea Time”

We love poetry tea time’s here in our house. With three girls how could we not? This week I wanted to add a bit more to our weekly tea time so since the day I planned on making brownies coincided with our nature study loop a plan was in place. This wasn’t the most picturesque of tea times. I didn’t pull out our tea cups and saucers. We used coffee mugs of milk and paper napkins for our brownies. So don’t be intimidated or put off doing a tea time because it isn’t pretty. The kids had no care what we used.

The Prep:

  • I had our first week of January of Exploring Nature with Children printed out and I used that as our outline.
  • I baked some brownies for our treat. Poured milk in coffee mugs (my girls hate hot tea)
  • I also pulled out their journals, a ruler, pencils, colored pencils
  • I made lines across the page using the ruler in Marleigh’s journal to show the two big girls so they could do that themselves.

The Gather:

  • I called the girls to the table with their brownie and milk. They made the lines across their journals while I read from Week 1 of Jan and explained we were going to track the weather for the week.
  • We then added the date, the temperature, time for the sunrise and sunset, precipitation.
  • Color that box with what the weather looks like that day.


  • I read aloud the winter poem from Exploring Nature with Children (Winter Dawn by Lucy Maud Montgomery) and a couple of poems from Winter Bees.
  • On the whiteboard we came up with words that described winter. I helped them along with questions focused on our senses: What does winter feel like? What does winter smell like?
  • The girls then came up with their own winter poems.
  • After sharing their poems with me we looked up the painting (A Winter Sky by George Inness.



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