Christmas School: Nature Study

We are looping a few subjects this month to try it out and if it works out we will try to incorporate throughout the rest of the school year. Sometimes when we do nature study I dive all into it but for this month I’m doing a more easy going approach. We actually get outside more during the winter than we do any other time for some reason. I love the sharp cold air and I feel like we have to go into it no matter what. Winter is my happy place. 

I decided for this nature study we were going to do birds. I wish I was better at identifying birds and animals and plants out on our hikes and walks but alas it is one of the things I have to constantly work on. So we use a lot of resources for our nature study. 

Last year I tried to read aloud The Burgess Bird Book but the girls were not having any interest, but I will follow it loosely for our bird study. I am printing out coloring sheets of the birds from this site and this site. If the bird is in our little Backyard Bird book I will read about it and if not I will look it up on the all about birds website (we do this after we read about the bird as well to look at picture and listen to their song). 

We also dip in and out of using Exploring Nature With Children so I printed out the December week for birds. I also have the Handbook of Nature Study and Nature Anatomy to read and reference for any questions that pop up or any sketches/watercolors we need to be inspires by. 

This along with nature hikes, walks around our neighborhood and exploring our backyard sums up our nature study for this month. 


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